Creator: Onboarding to XCP Freewallet Desktop

Below are all the steps to create a Counterparty (CP) wallet, fund the wallet and create your first Token on CP. The Token could then be submitted to Fake Rares or Dank directories or sold directly to your collectors via a Dispenser.

All examples use the desktop version of Freewallet that requires downloading and installing software. You can find the correct download for your OS here:

At the bottom of each section you will see a link to a timestamped point of this YT video The total video is 17 mins.

If you have any questions or get stuck on a step, contact me via Twitter DM (

Create an XCP Wallet

Like an ETH wallet and addresses, you need the same for Counterparty (CP). Thankfully the process is straightforward.

Step 1:

Open the Freewallet App you have installed and select "Create New Wallet" leave Format as the default.

Step 2:

Copy and securely store your 12-word passphrase. Do not share or store this anywhere online, as this passphrase will give anyone access to your account and funds/tokens. This one passphrase can be used for logging in to any CP wallet (rarepepe, freewallet, counterparty, etc.).

Step 3:

Transfer BTC into this account. You will need to send BTC to your newly created wallet. Click the QR code icon to see your wallet address and select "View Address". This will open a dialogue box, select “Copy” and then send BTC to this address from an on-ramp. For example using, Coinbase, or you can go to a dex and trade eth for BTC, for instance using . You could start with $50 worth of BTC.

All transactions on CP have a small BTC tx fee (like eth gas).

Link to Timestamp Video

Buy XCP from a Dispenser

To Mint/Create Tokens on CP, you need to spend XCP (XCP is a token).

There are a couple of ways to get XCP, but the easiest is from a trusted XCP dispenser. The other is to trade for it on a dex, but that has more fees and steps for processing etc.

You can visit this page to see a list of Trusted XCP Dispensers.

It will cost 0.5 XCP for your first Token, and I would recommend getting 2 XPC to start, so you have extra for later.

Step 1:

Click on a dispenser link from

Step 2:

Send BTC to the Dispenser address for the price displayed or multiples of the price for more.

For Example:

If the Dispenser shows:


0.00025890 BTC


1.00000000 XCP

You could send 0.00025890 BTC to get 1 XCP, or you could send 0.0005178 BTC, and you would get 2 XCP.

A dispenser is like a vending machine; put BTC in and get what it is dispensing back.

Link to Timestamp Video

Create Named Token

Step 1:

Open Freewallet

Step 2:

Use the hamburger menu and select "Create a Token"

Step 3:

Fill in the form.

Token Name: Must contain between 4 and 12 uppercase letters only (A-Z) and cannot start with 'A'.

Quantity: Set to 1 (can update later)

Set Divisible to "No"

Description: Leave blank (will update in next step)

Fee: Can leave default; higher fee could make it mint faster.

Select "Create Token"

Link to Timestamp Video

Upload Art to EasyAsset

This step will upload your art asset files for your Token to Arweave. This step will make them permanently stored on a blockchain.

Step 1:

Go to:

Step 2:

Fill out the form.

Network: Select "Counterparty (Bitcoin NFT)" (default)

Asset Name: Token name you used from the "Create Named Token" section

Category can just be set to "Art"

Sub Category can just be set to "NFT"

Description will be displayed with your Token (not required).

Media assets:

Thumbnail image (required)

Animated GIF or Static Image (required)

Video for the asset (if a video piece)

High-resolution image (not required)

Audio file (if an audio piece)

Step 3:

Click "Create Asset JSON".

The process may take up to 30 seconds; click the button only once.

When the form has been submitted, copy the JSON file path and have it handy for the next section, "Update Token Description"

Link to Timestamp Video

Update Token Description

This step will update the Token description to use the JSON file you created in the "Upload Art to EasyAsset" section.

Step 1:

Open Free Wallet

Step 2:

Right-click the newly created Token and select. "Change TOKENNAME Description". You can also access this from the hamburger menu "Change Description" but must type in the Token Name.

Step 3:

Paste in the JSON link you got from EasyAsset in the description field.

Click "Change Description"

Link to Timestamp Video

Increase Supply

If you have not locked the Token supply, you can issue more tokens. For example, you would want to do this if you created only 1 Token to start but wanted the supply to be 100.

Step 1:

Right-click the newly created Token and select "Issue TOKENNAME Supply". You can also access this from the hamburger menu "Issue Supply" but must type in the Token Name.

Step 2:

Enter the amount you want to issue in the "Amount" field.

To get to 100, in our case, you would enter 99.

Select and click "Issue Supply"

Lock Supply

Once you are sure of the number to Token you want available, you will lock the supply. Doing this will create a limited number.

So it could be a 1/1, 1/69 1/100

Step 1:

Right-click the newly created Token and select "Lock TOKENNAME Supply". You can also access this from the hamburger menu "Issue Supply" but must type in the Token Name.

Step 2:

Agree and click "Lock Token Supply" this is irreversible

Link to Timestamp Video

Submit To Directories

Many creators will create cards hoping that they will be accepted to the Fake Rare Directory or the Dank Directory. If you are one of these, you will want to ensure your media assets are in the correct format for approval. By making one asset, you can submit to Fake Rares, and if not accepted, then try and see if Dank will accept.

Listing Directory Image:

400×560 image or GIF

This is the image that will be shown in the directory.

Basically, if you are making a large file for your asset, make a different display image for the directory.

NFT Media Asset:

Your ASSET IMAGE can be a varying size if needed, 800×1120, 600×840, etc. Or MP4 via your JSON file that you created with EasyAsset

Fake Rares

Directory is closed for submission at the moment.


Step 1:

Got to

Click the Submit Button

Step 2:

Fill out the form.

Artist: Your Artist Name

Transaction Hash: tx link showing you burned/destroyed Dank Meme Cash

Image Link: Link to the Listing page image that is 400×560

Email: You contact email

Asset Link: Link to xchain of the Token you created

Link to Walkthru Video

Note You will need to burn a DANKMEMECASH card to be able to submit it to the Dank Directory. At the moment, this cost about USD 100 from the cheapest Dispenser. However, if you ask around, you might be able to get one for free. If not, just factor this as a promotional cost to have your work listed on the directory.