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Verified XCP Dispenser List: Link


Below are quick video tutorials to help onboard Collectors and Creators to the Counterparty/BTC NFT Space

After watching the videos below you will be able to create a XCP wallet to collect NFTs or if you are a Creator create and sell NFTs

How to Buy an XCP Asset

Full Creator Walk Thru, Create Wallet, Buy XCP, Mint Tokens.

Quick overview of and why as a Collector or Creator you should learn about this site.

How Sign-in to from most common wallets

How to Submit to the Dank Directory

XCP Wallet Overview a look at most of the commmon XCP wallets

How to Create XCP Wallet

How to perform Airdrop of Counterparty/XCP. Easier than you thought.

Info Acquiring Assets from on ETH, looks at Emblem Vautls and how them work.

How creators can use Dankset for Promotion

XCP Gas Wars explianed

Explains what Semi Fungible Tokens are from an ETH point of view.

How and why to create XCP Subassets

How to buy from Pepe Pawn Shop

How to create a Dispener on XCP to sell your Tokens

How to get Create Token and get Art onto XCP.